We are back with another round of testing for, GoDaddy Tap on Phone. By using NFC technology, purchasing or making payments is now possible with a simple tap between devices or credit cards.

Do you have any side hustles selling your garden produce, household items, or art? If you usually rely on mobile apps to get paid for your goods and services, this is a perfect alternative to collect your money, just using your mobile device!

Before this version of GoDaddy Tap on Phone is released to the public, we are looking for folks to make sure this product is ready! 

For participating in this new phase of testing, you will receive a $50 Amazon gift card once testing has been completed.

If you'd like to apply, log in or register below.

Please note - you will need to create (or sign in) an account with the GoDaddy Testing community. If you are a Betabound member, that existing login will not work.

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